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The What
Tree Tap Adventure is a mobile game that allows players to plant, grow and design their own virtual forest. Players explore and design different habitats, discover and meet the critters that call these areas home and, through Augmented Reality (AR), step into the shoes of different forest creatures or watch the trees they’ve been designing on screen come to life in their backyard or local park. AR mini-games give great in-app rewards and are designed to get players safely moving in outdoor spaces alongside real versions of the characters they’ve been learning about.

What’s more? Your digital forests create real forests!

Players of Tree Tap Adventure are rewarded for their creation of virtual forests with the planting of trees in the real world through one of our Reforestation Partners


Download Tree Tap Adventure for free on iOS or Android!

download link from google play
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The Why






Some kids know more about the fictional worlds they game within than the one in their own backyards. 

Many people believe that limiting or removing screen-based technologies is the answer. We don’t. 


The Tree Tap Adventure team believes that technology can actually be used to enhance and promote outdoor exploration by encouraging discovery, expanding knowledge and establishing comfort outside.   We believe that through safe and innovative gameplay, we can take the learning experience gained from the digital forest into real outdoor spaces, growing environmental awareness alongside mental and physical health.  (For more, check out our blog!)


So, we created a game that bridges this gap by rewarding learning, and praising spending time outdoors, while simultaneously giving back to the planet.


Who Created tree tap adventure?


The creation of Tree Tap Adventure brought together storytellers, outdoor explorers, and artists who want to change and challenge the gaming landscape. A fun-first approach has led us to create a game that kids want to play, and parents feel happy supporting, knowing that not only are their kids learning about the world around them, but that their digital trees can turn into real ones. 


This game was developed by Cream Productions, with funding from Ontario Creates and the Canada Media Fund. The project was supported by Ryerson University’s TransMedia Zone and Children’s Media Lab as well as George Brown College.

This game was created on and inspired by the lands that are the traditional territories of the peoples of Turtle Island; the Huron-Wendat, the Seneca, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. 

We wish to express gratitude for the use of Earth’s resources and to honour indigenous nations worldwide who have been living on the land since time immemorial.  We are grateful to have the opportunity to work on these lands and include plants and animals it provides a home for as part our game about the natural world. 

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