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How Nature Impacts our Health

Kids who feel connected to nature today become adults who commit to keeping the planet healthy for future generations. Here are a few other amazing benefits!

Physical Health

When children love something, they immerse themselves in it whenever they get the chance. Children who immerse themselves in nature boost their health. According to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, kids who spend time outside are more physically active, fit, and less sedentary than other children. Along with this, spending time outdoors exposes kids to fresh air and bone-strengthening Vitamin D, which our skin produces when we’re in contact with UVB rays!


Children who connect with nature learn about the importance of biodiversity for supporting life on earth.

Additionally, being outside teaches kids about nature in a way that classroom lessons can’t - immersive education. The memorable experiences that children have while playing outside allow classroom concepts to truly sink in.


Children who know that nature relieves stress will make lifelong use of natural spaces. On bad days, they will find joy in gardening. When they’re bored, they’ll watch insects. When feeling stressed at college, they’ll take refreshing nature walks . Early connections with nature inspire kids to use nature to optimize their well-being.


Spending time with nature cultivates positive environmental attitudes. One University of Cincinnati study, involving over 2000 adults, investigated the relationship between a childhood spent in nature and the development of sustainable attitudes and behaviours in adulthood. Children who spent time hiking, gardening, camping, and more became adults who cared about protecting the environment. Similarly, research from the University of Bayreuth, Germany, has shown that children who get earlier immersion in nature develop a stronger attachment to nature than those who receive immersion at older ages.

Connecting your child with nature has many benefits! Stuck on where to start? Read our Easy Tips for Sparking Kids' Love for Nature post for some great ideas!

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