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In Tree Tap Adventure you grow and design trees to help your forest friends rebuild their home. Fly along with them around the globe, learn what it’s like to walk in their shoes …errrr paws and feet, collect badges to win rewards, and see your trees come to life in realistic augmented reality.  What’s more? Your digital trees become real trees with help from our Tree Planting Partners.  

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Features & Screenshots

Grow and Design Trees
Learn to Fly and Explore
Collect Rewards
Choose Your Character
Plant Real Trees


Playing the Tree Tap Adventure mobile game will plant real trees through one of our tree planting partners.  

Learn more about our impact: 

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We created this game to not only foster the wild child in all of us, but to help ensure that kids today can create meaningful memories, and will have natural spaces to play and grow in for years to come.



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During gameplay, please be aware of your surroundings and play safely.